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866-622-7271 {MAC-PAR1}

Established 1999, Licensed and Bonded, MAC-PAR SERVICES specializes in

  • Residential and Commercial renovations

  • Building Demolition

  • Hauling/Dumping

  • Painting for Commercial, Industrial,  Governmental and Residential 

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MAC-PAR SERVICES is committed to providing high quality, cost-efficient, dependable construction services to meet the specific needs of its customers.


Protective Helmet

AATD Division-Ft. Eustis/Langley, VA Est. $1,550,000.00

Baltimore City Healthy Start Program (H.U.D.)

Est. $800,000.00

City ofAnnapolis Housing Authority

Annapolis, MD

Est. $30,500.00

Astor Court Apartments 

Baltimore, MD

Est. $25,000.00


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House Painting
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